Implant Warranty Program

Implant Warranty Program

In working with your restorative dentist, we warranty your implants which support single crowns for your lifetime. Should your implant become loose and have to be removed, a new implant will be placed at no cost to you.

In order to keep this warranty in effect, you must agree to the following:

     I.    You will allow us and your restorative dentist to provide the necessary therapy to eliminate your oral health problems, and restore your bite.

     II.   If it is determined you “grind” or “clench” your teeth, you will allow your restorative dentist or us to fabricate a bite appliance for you.

     III.   You will wear any necessary bite appliance as prescribed.

     IV.   You will be faithful to the checkup and cleaning schedule which your restorative dentist and we feel is most appropriate to ensure your long term oral health. This may include additional one or two cleanings per year in our office.

     V.    You will not smoke. This implant warranty is void for smokers.

If you agree to the provisions of this warranty, the warranty will remain in effect for your lifetime. However, should you not follow the instructions of the   provisions listed above, the warranty will be void.

Appropriately performed implant therapy is highly predictable in the long term. We can vouch for this high level of predictability, having placed thousands of implants since 1988. However, such success depends upon your cooperation. As a result, we are more than happy to offer you a lifetime warranty on your implants which support single crowns.

 A lifetime warranty cannot be offered on implant supported over-dentures or hybrid or fixed bridgework, as these prostheses often requires replacement of worn teeth over time. Tooth replacement in these instances does not require implant removal or replacement. Also, bone regeneration (grafting) needed to properly place a new implant is not included in the lifetime warranty.

 We hope you will take advantage of this warranty.


 Edward S Mortellaro Jr DMD MS

I have read and understand the provisions and limitations of this lifetime single implant warranty. I have had the opportunity to ask any questions I may have regarding this warranty. All such questions have been answered to my satisfaction.

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